Dysfunctional Dreamer

Big, blue and always wandering were her eyes.
Slender, fidgety and constantly creating were her hands
And her mind, oh that beautiful bustling mind
Full of ideas at every second, processing several different dreams
A palace. Where she lost her way every now and then.

From afar I watched her gleam like the sun,
Bright and always fueling with something new
Her energy refreshing and her smile mesmerising.
And so I fell.

They told me it wouldn’t last. Told me she’d break my heart
She wasn’t normal they said
Not built for our world, yet
She told me, the world was ours to shape
And together our future would be made.

A crash and a bang later
I found myself alone left to wonder
Which one of us was the dysfunctional dreamer?


Mind Bites 3

Through Health and Sickness, Through Boredom and Mischief!

The two kids promised each other their lives, not aware, not bothered by the many consequences that were yet to come. As long as they were young and together, they had nothing to fear.

Happy Place

Hold my hand and follow me,
Through the forest and through the dark
Because where we’re going is a secret,
I won’t let anyone see it
Except you…

It’s the place in my dreams
Where my happiness lies,
The place where the sun shines
And you’re part of it now,

Now that you’re in
Open your eyes,
Look at everything that I hold dear
And promise to never leave,
Because you’ve made your way in and now I can’t let go.

What is Love?

When you love someone you go to extremes to make sure that they’re happy, whether it is bringing the moon to them or letting them go. It just proves that they matter to you more than yourself.
I have friends for whom I would bring down the sky and even fight a war for. I don’t want anything in return; their true smiles and laughter are enough. And I know that I wouldn’t be able to see them angry with me.


As the famous Bollywood actor once said: pyaar dosti hai. Love is friendship.

Love is No Game

When I close my eyes,

I am happy

Even though all I hear is lies,

I am happy

If you’re just here to mess with me

At least leave me with dignity.

All the lies you said

Helped me go to bed

And I always knew how it would end

I’ve been run over before

But with you it hurts more

When it began, I knew the end was near

But this time my heart’s broken

And I wish you were here

I want you to sit beside me

And unlike the others,

Never leave me.

You were different from the rest

Ending this game is for the best.