Mind Bites 3

Through Health and Sickness, Through Boredom and Mischief!

The two kids promised each other their lives, not aware, not bothered by the many consequences that were yet to come. As long as they were young and together, they had nothing to fear.

Simple Pleasures

Today while travelling in the local public transport I saw something that made my day.

A boy who looked around five years old was standing on the side of the street with his mother, carelessly munching on a cracker with the most precious smile on his face.

This sounds pretty normal but the way he beamed was so perfect that I couldn’t help smile as well. This stranger managed to light up my face by doing nothing at all except for enjoying the luxury of a crispy biscuit.

This moment will forever be special to me because amidst the rush of enormous vehicles there’s a little boy who is enjoying the simple pleasures of life to the fullest.