Mind Bites 5

Some people stick with you forever, others leave you with memories that prove what you’ve conquered.

There are those who betray and those who hold your hand through storms and flames, so look around for your angel, you might’ve already found them.

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Mind Bites 3

Through Health and Sickness, Through Boredom and Mischief!

The two kids promised each other their lives, not aware, not bothered by the many consequences that were yet to come. As long as they were young and together, they had nothing to fear.

Birthday Special

Hello all you lovely people! So, four days ago it was my birthday and I realized a few things-

On your birthday you realize how many people out there really care for you. A small “Happy birthday”on your facebook timeline shows that someone noticed your name and decided to take out a few seconds from procrastination to wish you. Or, someone actually looked for your name out of god-knows-how-many contacts and typed out a cute little birthday message with a couple of emojis  to send via text. Or, the fewer amazing people who decided to call you up after weeks/ months/ years just to wish you and remind you that they’re always there for you. It doesn’t matter if they took two seconds or twenty minutes, it just shows that you matter to them and they matter to you.

This is thank you to all those lovely people who are out there and think about me at least once a year, you mean a lot to me.

~ Angie

What is Love?

When you love someone you go to extremes to make sure that they’re happy, whether it is bringing the moon to them or letting them go. It just proves that they matter to you more than yourself.
I have friends for whom I would bring down the sky and even fight a war for. I don’t want anything in return; their true smiles and laughter are enough. And I know that I wouldn’t be able to see them angry with me.


As the famous Bollywood actor once said: pyaar dosti hai. Love is friendship.