Happy Place

Hold my hand and follow me,
Through the forest and through the dark
Because where we’re going is a secret,
I won’t let anyone see it
Except you…

It’s the place in my dreams
Where my happiness lies,
The place where the sun shines
And you’re part of it now,

Now that you’re in
Open your eyes,
Look at everything that I hold dear
And promise to never leave,
Because you’ve made your way in and now I can’t let go.

Bad Dreams are My Reality

This is a dream; it’s all just a bad dream and when I open my eyes it will disappear. But… what if it doesn’t?

Does this mean that my brother is really dead? Was I actually kidnapped and did I escape?

This can’t be true, no, it just can’t.

I broke down, right there, grieving over the experiences of the past week, reality finally washing over me as the adrenaline rush ended. I never asked to be the child of two gangsters but this was my fate and now it’s too late to run from it.

I took a deep breath in and wiped the tears that had caked my face, I’ve suffered enough. Now it’s time for Revenge.

Your nightmares are my reality and it’s my job to turn them into daydreams.

The Magic of Sisterhood

Having a sister is having guidance, fun, fights and love with one person.

Our late night conversations and midnight snacks are the cause of immense happiness because a sister is a person whom you can trust with anything and everything. Whether it’s boys or movies or back bitching, your sister will always listen to you.

My sister and I share a special bond; no matter how awful our fight has been we can randomly go back to a casual conversation and simply forget that it ever happened. We can spend hours helping each even if it involves taking pictures or doing math.

While people compare us and conclude that one of us is better than the other in truth she will always be my better half and I will be hers.

Even though I would never admit it, my life is incomplete without my sister. She is my best friend for life and I love you sis!